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At any time of the day, we are as close as a phone call with our professional team.

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We offer professional solutions to your health problems in your comfort zone.

Nursing Services

In order to manage your treatment process, we provide service with our expert medical staff.

Ambulance Services

Accompanied by our professional healthcare teams, fully equipped We provide 24/7 patient transfer services with our Air and Land Ambulances.


Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Urology and Dietitian Examination

Within the scope of our home doctor practice, our specialist doctors visit patients at their location, deal with them one-on-one, and evaluate the diagnosis and treatment processes in detail.

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'It is necessary to be healthy for a happy life' As TRG HEALTH; Since the day we were founded, we care about you receiving accurate, comfortable, fast and safe healthcare service. We offer a wide range of medical services through our Private TRG Hospitalist Hospital in Istanbul and our TRG INTERNATIONAL HEALTH services. With our expert physician staff and experienced healthcare personnel, we operate with the principle of patient satisfaction and quality healthcare service. In addition to our hospital services, we are closer to you with TRG Mobile Health in Istanbul and Mersin. Mobile Health; It is the ability of the individual to access health and care services without changing their comfort zone. Why Mobile Health? - It provides people with a special care advantage in their comfort areas. - Eliminates the stress that the hospital environment may cause. - It saves time. - It reduces the risk of infection that the hospital environment may create. - A person's ability to access healthcare services 24/7 reduces fear and anxiety. - With the difference of TRG Mobile Health, you can receive a safe, quality service at your home or office. At our TRG Hospitalist Hospital; · Examination Services in All Branches · Medical Examination and Imaging Services · Gynecology Services · Aesthetic and Surgical Operations · Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services are provided.

We carry out your checks in the comfort of your home with personalized special check-up packages suitable for the patient/person's complaints, requests and condition.

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We offer international healthcare services...

Under TRG International Health, we provide personalized healthcare services in the world and in Turkey, with our own hospitals, contracted hospitals, laboratories, contracted laboratories and foreign offices.

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